Work with us

If you want to work in a technology-driven company where teamwork, fairness and mutual respect are the main priorities, take a look at our vacancies. If you want to contact us, please drop us an email at:

Du interessiert dich für Jura und die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen der Arbeit mit Medien und dem Internet? Du möchtest dazu beitragen, dass die Nutzer von Angeboten rechtlich immer auf der sicheren Seite sind und hast Spaß an eigenverantwortlicher Arbeit in einem jungen Team - dann können wir perfekt zusammenpassen!

Your responsibilities will be:
  • Klärung und Organisation von Rechten an unseren Online-Inhalten
  • Projektarbeit
You come with:
  • Sehr gute schriftliche Englischkenntnisse, sehr gute schriftliche Ausdrucksweise in deutscher Sprache
  • Offene, kommunikative und freundliche Art
  • Selbstständige und eigenverantwortliche Arbeitsweise
  • Gewissenhaftigkeit und ein Auge für Details
  • Sympathie mit der Atmosphäre in einem Start-up
  • Erste Grundkenntnisse im gewerblichen Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht sind von Vorteil
We offer:
  • Einen flexiblen Job neben Deinem Studium
  • Die Möglichkeit, zu einer besseren Bildung in Deutschland beizutragen
  • Ein kreatives und motiviertes Team, das eigenverantwortliche Arbeit schätzt
  • Du bist vom Start mit dabei ein innovatives Unternehmen aufzubauen
  • Eine faire Bezahlung für Deine Arbeit
  • Berlin (Neukölln)! …wir arbeiten im Herzen der aufregendsten Stadt Europas
How to apply:
  • Bitte sende Deine Bewerbungsunterlagen an, z.Hd. Jakob Adolph

At K.lab, we are building a software as a service platform for the quickly changing education sector and we are looking for quick hands and quicker brains to help us deliver a cutting edge, constantly evolving system. You love responsive user-interfaces and dynamic websites and like to work hard with a team in order to implement as many ideas as possible. You’re not afraid of new database technologies and you enjoy analyzing the framework in order to understand how things work. Overall you are an open, flexible problem solver who enjoys working in a close-knit team. Does this sound like a reflection of you? Then you have come to the right place.

Your responsibilities will be:
  • Developing highly scalable API’s
  • Implementing AngularJS components with the help of newest web-standards (HTML5, CSS3, …)
  • Extent and improve our webapp in fast iterations, based on user feedback and usage data
  • Build new and iterate over existing backend services in NodeJS, JAVA
  • Ensure scalability and redundancy of our infrastructure
  • Expand an interactive API documentation
  • Store and retrieve data from sources like Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, Cassandra
  • Work in a hyperproductive team of developers
  • Coordinate your efforts with the company employing SCRUM techniques
  • Quickly become a decision and difference maker
  • Contribute to and even start open-source projects
You come with:
  • Dense knowledge of any of the following Javascript, Java, Python and HTML(5) and CSS(3)
  • At least 2 years of experience with AngularJS, Stylus/SASS, Gulp and GIT versioning
  • You know your way around Linux shell.
  • You are familiar with different relational and document database concepts, e.g. MongoDB and Redis, MySql.
  • Good knowledge of Test Driven Development.
  • Familiarity with Elasticsearch, AWS, Docker and continuous delivery is an added advantage.
  • You are not afraid of creating front-end interfaces using AngularJS / React
  • You are an active communicator
  • You are a super fast learner
We offer:
  • a great team
  • a nice office in Berlin's booming district Neukölln
  • a fair package
  • We guarantee an inspiring environment, creative freedom and the chance to contribute your own ideas in order to co-create our project
How to apply:
  • send us your CV and
  • examples of your work, e.g. project in a github account or other code-samples to
  • be willing to do a code-test in round#2 that might take you several hours to complete
  • be willing to visit our office for one full test-work-day in round#3

Your responsibilities will be:
  • Manage and maintain in-house it-infrastructure (network, computer, printer, phones, software updates, ...)
  • Plan and deploy in-house it-infrastructure for future needs
  • Help us deal with daily it tasks (install software, set up accounts, identify errors, advise, power off/on)
  • Create and enforce work-flows
  • Keep track of and document the status quo and organize changes
You come with:
  • Deep knowledge about common operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
  • Deep knowledge about common application software such as Microsoft Office
  • You are comfortable in dealing with hardware
  • Being able to identify problems before they emerge
  • Being able to self organize
  • Basic knowledge in scripting languages (shell, python, ...)
  • Nice if you have already worked with sharepoint, windows server, linux server
We offer:
  • Student job, 10h per week
  • We guarantee an inspiring environment, creative freedom and the chance to contribute your own ideas in order to co-create our project
  • A passionate, fun and highly motivated team that appreciates independent work ethics
How to apply:
  • Please send us an email to: