Our Technologies

Currently, K.lab is focused on running the teacher-centered service meinUnterricht.de. This platform provides content and tools to prepare and organize lessons. We have the largest collection of professionally published and curated content in Germany and the most powerful online tool to manage it.

The tools that we use

Behind the scenes, our technical infrastructure was designed and built to deliver a dynamic, reliable and scalable system. From the start in 2011, we've been using cutting-edge technology and modern web standards to deliver the best-possible user experience for both end-users and content partners alike. Our server and web-application are written in Javascript (NodeJS on the server-side), our document databases are JSON-based and we exclusively allow encrypted SSL-based communication.

As an Educational Technology company, our focus
lies on building and using technology as a means
of modernizing the education sector.

Server Infrastructure and Monitoring

K.lab servers are hosted at two different locations in Germany. We have more than 230 Gbit/s bandwidth right at two major internet hubs. We are running quite a few dedicated servers to ensure system stability and safety. We employ automated live-monitoring tools to keep track of the software and hardware status of our servers as well as the network situation, and we constantly run backup restore tests on all critical systems. We even created our own unique load-balancing system to have full control over our network and maintain constant stability for our users.

nGether file system - ngFS

In order to guarantee data safety, we developed a network file system that ensures file replication across our entire server infrastructure. Whenever a document is uploaded to one of our servers, e.g. user-generated content from our publishing partners, ngFS will verify file integrity and distribute it to at least three independent storage servers. The system is also geo-aware, which means that ngFS makes sure that the redundant copies are always located at both of our German data centers. This works for other locations as well, of course.

Testing & Deployment

We have released more than 60 new versions of the API and the web application of meinUnterricht.de in 2013. In an effort to guarantee continuous deployment whenever a feature is ready, a bug is fixed or a new style is introduced, we have decoupled server from web app and are moving towards automated testing to ensure stability and to improve the quality of release even more.

Editing Tool – Content Editing System

Our editing tool is an extensive content editing web application. This allows both internal and external authors to edit content for meinUnterricht.de, the web service we offer for German teachers. Individual jobs, e.g. to separate content into small units or to tag the content, can be assigned to members of our editorial team. Once a document is completely processed, it automatically becomes available to teachers via meinUnterricht.de. In addition, a module within the editing tool allows us to manage all rights concerning any content module, so there is a direct connection of content and rights management.

K.BUM – Billing and licence management

K.Bum is a licence management/billing tool that allows us to administer customers, send out invoices and create discount campaigns. All payment and address information are stored in K.Bum, separately from the main system and isolated from the outside internet. The system is able to handle complex licencing models for subscriptions that are used simultaneously.

meinUnterricht public API

Our Application Programming Interface (API) allows any type of client, e.g. mobile apps, learning management systems or our own web application, to communicate with our servers. All our functionalities, including search or document-download, are available via the API. A unique feature of our API is its ability to talk to clients via standard http or websocket protocols. We even provide client communication libraries that will automatically choose the best available protocol.

Our Tools

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