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Our key product at K.lab is meinUnterricht.de. This education platform offers a wide range of content and teaching material that helps teachers prepare for their classes and gives them new inspiration for their daily work. The teaching material we provide comes from different renowned publishing houses, educational establishments and NGOs. With us, teachers can always rest assured when it comes to quality and legal security.

Each and every day, more and more new content is flowing into our web and mobile applications. Besides using meinUnterricht.de on your desktop computer, you can also download our mobile apps for Android as well as iOS and plan your classes on the road. It is also possible to integrate meinUnterricht.de into your existing learning management system through our API.

Solutions in the Education Sector

You or your organization provides high quality content for teachers and students and you are looking for additional ways to spread your word? Get in touch with us - we will evaluate your content and can add it to our database. As a part of meinUnterricht.de, your content can be found with the help of our semantic search technology and accesses through different clients, including browsers and apps - whether it's paid content or free of charge as OER. A significant part of teachers in German speaking countries will be able to use it for their daily class preparations.

You are planning on building an educational platform but don't know how to get started? Need some creative input? Write us, call us, give us a shout - if we like your project, we can offer you consultation and collaboration with our top-notch technologies. We are eager to share our experiences and develop sustainable projects in the education sector together.

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You want to reach teachers in German-speaking countries? Through our platform meinUnterricht.de, our different apps and our social media channels, we reach tens of thousands of open-minded and internet-savvy people among the teacher community. We can get you in touch with those whom you want to address.

You are running or developing a LMS, an app or a platform for teachers and students but it lacks content and you want to expand your sources? Thanks to our API, we can integrate tens of thousands of content units from renowned publishers into your existing systems. Users can work within your platform like usual, but have access to a myriad of new material.

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