Our workflow

Over the past years, we've established a highly standardized process to prepare and deliver content modules that meet the needs of today's digital content business models - web-based and mobile-driven.

Our work process

How we get high-quality teaching materials delivered to our apps.

1. Content Delivery

Good content that helps teachers and students always comes first. We are currently working together with different publishers that provide us with worksheets, teaching modules, articles and didacting guidelines that build the foundation of our work.

3. Inquiry & Negotation

We contact the author and enquire about the rights for online use. Price and period of the license are negotiated and every detail entered into our custom rights management database solution (the "Hexxler"), a software that helps us manage, edit and separate documents.

5. API

Our meinUnterricht-API serves as a communication module between our servers and mobile or web clients. With the help of our API, our services can be integrated into different learning management systems and other future solutions.


2. Screening & Research

Our legal experts screen every single page and check them for pictures, diagrams, quotes or excerpts for which the copyrights have to be clarified.

4. Tagging

Now we start tagging every single page. This means that every unit is categorized and provided with appropriate keywords, following specific guidelines. This helps finding the documents you need later on the platform faster and more efficiently

6. Clients

The last step is to deliver the service to different clients, for example the Android, iOS or Windows 8 app or third-party clients. We are constantly trying to improve our services, implement new features and create a better user experience.

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